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Raffles in North Carolina > Barry Cahoon Fundraiser Raffle

Barry Cahoon Fundraiser Raffle

Barry was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in June of 2015. He had to go on retirement disability in December due to his health progressively getting worse. The doctor believes this is hereditary due to iron overload and a family history. He was diagnosed with a condition called Hemochromatosis. He is in need of a liver transplant. This surgery will cost in excess of half a million dollars. He will be on medications after surgery costing over 40,000 per year. Insurance will pay a good portion of this but there is still a large amount that he will need to pay.
He has been making trips to the VCU Transplant Center in Richmond multiple times a month. which have progressed to sometimes multiple times a week. He is having paracentesis (fluid taps) almost weekly. These cost approximately $2700 per procedure.
Hemilright Entertainment Inc.
We are raising money to help pay for medical costs for someone in need.
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$68 of $10,000
Drawing was held on August 2, 2016.
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