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Raffles in Texas > Hydrocephalus - Siesta Key Villa-Winner Alex Rodger!

Hydrocephalus - Siesta Key Villa-Winner Alex Rodger!

The purpose of the 2016 Houston Hydrocephalus Association WALK and associated auction is to raise awareness and funds for the continued research in the goal to find a cure for hydrocephalus.
Hydrocephalus Association
The 2016 Greater Houston HA WALK is a local effort to raise funds to support the efforts and mission of the national Hydrocephalus Association (HA.) The event is initiated and coordinated strictly by local volunteers committed to the mission of the Hydrocephalus Association. As a result, the WALK is an extremely cost effective fundraiser that maximizes the amount of funds that can be directed to program services and research. In 2015, the Greater Houston HA WALK had more than 650 walkers raising over $50,000. The 2016 Houston WALK is expected to be HA’s largest yet! HA’s national WALK program has more than doubled in the last four years, last year raising $1,500,000 from 38 volunteer coordinated sites nationwide. HA WALKS are responsible for almost 45% of its annual income.

The Hydrocephalus Association serves as the primary nexus for research on hydrocephalus, a condition defined by an abnormal, excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the cavities of the brain. Hydrocephalus affects over 1 million people in the U.S. alone. Approximately 1-2 babies for every 1000 births are born with hydrocephalus, but anyone can get hydrocephalus at any time through a brain injury or infection, among other reasons, or as part of the aging process.

HA pursues a three-pronged strategy: Community, Clarity, and a Cure!
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Drawing was held on November 5, 2016.
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