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Raffles in Connecticut > A Melody of Freedom

A Melody of Freedom

It takes more than just courage to leave an abusive situation...it takes a tribe, a village, a support group….a family. Buy what do you do when you don’t have parents or friends who can offer you and your child a safe haven? What if after you committed to raise your child you were diagnosed with a debilitating disease and were unable to work, and therefore unable to financially get out of this abusive situation? I’m starting this page for a dear friend, Melody, who has taken the first steps to gain her freedom but is at a critical point where bravery and determination are not enough, she needs a tribe of people who believe in her dream of peace and safety for her and her son.

Melody certainly didn’t go into her marriage expecting to be in the place she is at now, but not all spouses are up to the challenge of emotionally supporting someone that has life long health challenges. When a spouse finds out their partner is chronically sick, some leave the situation, some stay & nurture, and some take out their own resentments/frustrations on the person who is the most vulnerable. Sadly Melody’s husband was the latter. He berates her, controls her, has violent bouts of anger (in front of their son) and has financially controlled her for years. Melody rarely has more than spare change in her pocket and her husband put all the assets and mortgage in his name so she has no credit rating and no ability to get out.

You can be part of Melody’s village, helping her start a new life for her and her son. How often do we have the chance to give a donation that will give someone a second chance?

Please consider buying a raffle ticket to help out my friend. The winner can choose between two photos which I have attached below.
A Melody of Freedom
To help out a friend in need.
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Drawing was held on April 30, 2017.
Deborah Meissner
Bench on a Beach 16 x 20
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