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Raffles in Florida > Veteran Excursions to Sea

Veteran Excursions to Sea

To raise funds that will allow our organization to continue veteran outings and gatherings. This allows for veterans to be around others like them, and talk about issues that they may be going through.
Veteran Excursions to Sea
My name is Tyler Crane, I am the founder of Veterans Excursions to Sea (V.E.T.S.). I am a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan war. In November of 2012, I was injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. This injury would lead to the end of my decorated military career. When I was discharged, I was lost. Unsure of my future and disconnected from family. Then I found fishing.

Spending time on the water changed my life. I not only had a new hobby, but a way to heal. My physical injuries left me unable to exercise effectively. Fishing became something I could do on my own and with my family. This time together strengthened our bond and brought us closer. My worries began to dissipate and found my purpose in life, this purpose was to help other veterans and their families.

Nearly half of veterans have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. These disorders can impede on relationships and cause further issues. Here at V.E.T.S. we coordinate and conduct charters for veterans and their families. Our philosophy is simple, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” By teaching them, we hope that they too will find a passion and a way to heal. This allows veterans and families to reduce any emotional stresses, so they do not become another statistic.
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