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Raffles in Florida > Visa Gift Card Purchases

Visa Gift Card Purchases

To purchase $25.00 visa gift cards to be distributed to the sickle community throughout Tampa, Florida.
Hands of Hope - Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation, Inc.
Hands of Hope mission is to raise sickle cell awareness, educate the community about possible treatment, and pain management, while building a healthier quality of life, through advocacy, education, fundraising, and supporting the Tampa Bay sickle cell community by providing tutoring for children who suffer with sickle disease.

We host fundraisers throughout the year, to purchase $25.00 visa gift cards and issue them to patients or their caregivers (for those 17 years old or younger,) who have been hospitalized for a 3 (three) days or longer, within a 6 (six) month period for sickle cell related health issues.

Our future goal is to open the 1st of its kind in the State of Florida, “Comfort Center.” This center would be used for the Sickle Cell community to assist families/caregivers with a safe environment for children from infant age through high school age to drop off their children(s), who may be experiencing a mild sickle cell crisis. This child maybe too ill to attend school, but not sick enough to seek medical treatment. Being a care giver of grandchild, I know how hard it is trying to find someone at 6AM, to watch your child while you work or attend school, or pick our child up from school/daycare when they are sick. Over half of caregivers lose their jobs, or drop out of school, because they have no one to care for their child in a crises. Hands of Hope, would like to provide this service free to the community. The center will operate from 5AM – 7PM (Sunday – Saturday.)
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