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Raffles in Michigan > Covermyscarsplease.com 50/50 raffle

Covermyscarsplease.com 50/50 raffle

To raise money to help cover the cost of providing free tattoos to cover scars from cancer, self harm, or any other traumatic event.

This program offers at least one scar cover up per week at no charge to the client, but will do as many as time and funds allow. If you are an artist who would like to help with this program please contact me.
We started this program to help those who are marked by scars of all types, whether the scar was created by self harm, surgery or by some sort of accident.
My intentions were to cover one scar per week at no charge to the client. However, the response that I received from the post about the program has been overwhelming, mostly from young women who have struggled with self harm.
Reading the stories of their struggles and seeing the responses of those who believe this program to be an amazing thing has touched my heart. I had no idea that self harm was such a huge issue amongst are young people. I know that I cannot eradicate the problem, but with some help I can dedicate my time to helping the victims of self harm and those who wear the mark of any tragic event to move forward and to remove the negative stigma of their past with my artwork.
No person deserves to be haunted by their scars! I hope to be able to cover their physical scars and hopefully help to heal some of their emotional ones as well.
With your help, I will cover as many scars as I can. If I can't schedule all of them, I will bring in other artists to help carry the load.
If you have a scar, any scar caused by any reason, whether it was self harm, cancer, dog bite, car accident, motorcycle accident; or if you know someone who bears such a scar, please contact me. I will respond to everyone as quickly as possible and I will schedule as many cover ups as time and funds allow.
I will also take into consideration covering tattoos that came from bad lifestyle choices, such as: gang affiliations, racism, drug use, etc..
Exquisite Tattoo Studio
7709 S. Brockway Rd
brockway twp, Michigan 48097
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Drawing was held on September 16, 2017.
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