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Raffles in North Carolina > TREC Power Raffle 2017

TREC Power Raffle 2017

Your ticket purchases support TREC-USA. Don't wait - Only 200 Tickets will be sold!
TREC-USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the sport of TREC in the United States.

TREC-USA provides leadership and support for the amateur equestrian sport of TREC (both ridden and driven) by offering educational materials and clinics; sanctioning competitions; providing recognition and support for clinicians, officials, and judges; forming alliances with like-minded organizations; representing its members nationally and internationally; and maintaining membership in FITE, the international governing body of TREC and equestrian tourism.

TREC-USA encourages the responsible recreational use of equestrian trails and awareness of equine trail development and conservation.

TREC-USA creates opportunities to explore and enjoy equestrian tourism activities at the local, national and international level.

What is TREC? Some facts:

TREC is an international trail riding sport that tests the skills, confidence, and abilities of horses and riders or driving teams over various terrains and obstacles.

TREC or Le TREC originally started in France over 30 years ago as a sport designed to test the skills of trekking guides working in the equestrian tourism industry.

Today the sport of TREC is popular throughout Europe, and is gaining participants worldwide.

The 3 phases of a TREC competition include Trail Orienteering, Control of Paces, and a Cross-Country Obstacle Course.

Every four years FITE (the international governing body of the sport of TREC) hosts a TREC World Championship - the pinnacle of international trail competition.

For more information about TREC please visit
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$630 of $4,000
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on January 12, 2018.
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Chances may be entered without charge. A purchase or donation will not increase your odds of winning. You may obtain one free chance by requesting it in writing, via the US Postal Service, at: TREC-USA, TREC Power Raffle 2017 - "AME" , PO Box 16623, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516. ONE FREE ENTRY PER PERSON IS PERMITTED.