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Raffles in South Carolina > Dance of the Ancestors

Dance of the Ancestors

The Gullah Society is conducting a raffle to promote and advertise our exhibition- Dance of the Ancestors: Egungun Masquerade at the City Gallery Waterfront from September 27 through October 28th.
Proceeds from the raffle will support future exhibitions and also provide funding support for our Sacred Burial Ground Project
The Gullah Society
Gullah Society is a tax-exempt non-profit organization  (501c3) created to provide meaningful representations of Gullah Geechee culture to the public. Gullah Society will preserve, promote, and perpetuate Gullah Geechee culture and traditions in the United States and the diaspora. We will utilize scholarly research, literary, visual and performance arts, cultural crafts and the works of skilled artisans to inform, connect, and empower Gullah Geechee communities and the public.

Gullah Society was established to enhance and facilitate the mandate of the Gullah Geechee Corridor Commission and the Gullah Geechee community at large. We seek to demonstrate, display, and discuss the broad range of practices and principles that emerged as a result of the diverse African origins of Gullah Geechee people, the intense interaction among people from different language groups, and generations of isolation in settings where enslaved Africans and their descendants were the majority population.
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$40 of $1,500
Drawing was held on October 29, 2017.
No winners have been recorded yet.