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Raffles in Alabama > Supermarket Sweep... Sweeping Cancer 1 Cart at a Time

Supermarket Sweep... Sweeping Cancer 1 Cart at a Time

The goal is to raise money to help individuals that have to miss work, due to them or a family member having cancer and/or another life threatening illness. These individuals do not qualify for any type of help due to having an income, but yet struggle to make ends meet due to medical bills and missed days at work.
Sweeping Cancer 1 Cart at a Time (in memory of Jerry Caputo)
Raising money for individuals with Cancer that are missing work due to their own or a family members illness. Because we never know... this could be you.
Exclusions... Must be GROCERY items only, no beer, wine, household products, tobacco products, baby products, meat or seafood Dept.
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Drawing was held on March 7, 2018.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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