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Raffles in Wyoming > 2018 Wyoming Commisionner's License Raffle

2018 Wyoming Commisionner's License Raffle

Thanks to Commissioner Mike Schmid for donating this license to support The Oyster Ridge Music Festival. This donation will significantly bolster the economic impact that the music festival will have on not only the local level but also on the regional and State levels.

The funds generated from this raffle will allow the festival committee to book top tier, high quality bands, who were never accessible to the festival due to funding issues faced in the past. Bringing in high caliber bands from all genres will bring more people to the event, thus creating an economic stimulus to the local economy which is highly needed. It will also make for an extremely enjoyable and memorable event for festival goers for years to come.
Original Oystergrass, Inc.
Original Oystergrass, Inc., more commonly known as The Oyster Ridge Music Festival or Oystergrass, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The mission of the Oyster Ridge Music Festival is to bring arts to a rural community, enhance the quality of life through education and cultural experiences, build partnerships with other entities, and to create a substantial economic impact each year.

Established in 1994, 2019 marks the 25th consecutive year of the Festival. Each year on the final weekend in July, music lovers flock to the small town of Kemmerer to enjoy a completely FREE, world class music festival which would cost them hundreds to attend anywhere else.

Each year it is a struggle to raise the funds necessary to host such an event. However, due to the tremendous support of local agencies, businesses, and individuals coupled with the diligent efforts of our volunteer board of directors and committee, the event always becomes a memorable reality, and a pure grassroots extravaganza,

Winner of the Wyoming Governors Art Award, the Oyster Ridge Music Festival has become a highly recognized and desirable event for high end performing artists and friendly family fun.
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$17,044 of $50,000
Drawing was held on April 30, 2018.
Larry Wilson
Grand Prize: 2018 Wyoming Commisioner's License
$15,000 value

Douglas Hartmann
Second Prize: Swarovski 20-60x65 STS HD Straight
$2,268 value

This raffle is in no way sponsored, endorsed, conducted, setup, controlled by or administered by, or associated with, Raffle River. Participants voluntarily release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Raffle River from any and all claims, demands or causes of action for property damage, bodily injury, wrongful death, loss of services or other claims arising from or relating to participation in the raffle and/or acceptance, possession and use of any prize.