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Raffles in Oklahoma > Majestic Charters Ultimate Salmon Fishing Vacation

Majestic Charters Ultimate Salmon Fishing Vacation

The goal is to raise money for youth ministry on Haida Gwaii to help pay for buildings, equipment and camp.
24/7 Youth Haida Gwaii, Inc.
24/7 Youth Haida Gwaii is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to bringing hope and light to the teens on Haida Gwaii. We meet on a weekly boasts (weekends) and do a wide range of activities like games, hiking, surfing, paintball, drama, music, etc. We believe the youth is a valuable asset in our community with the success of the future generations depending on it. 24/7 Youth is committed to seeing the youth strengthened and empowered by breaking the bondages of self destructive behaviour caused by addictions, depression, low self esteem or abuse. We have an especially strong prejudice against the spirit of suicide with a mission to rescue those who suffer from it. We believe in building strong, loving relationships between the youth thus building a strong support group. We believe in directing them in a lifestyle free of addictions by making healthy choices. Our aim is to stop teens before they get caught up in a lifestyle of substance abuse and to bring hope and deliverance to those who already are. We believe that only through the help of a loving, all powerful Creator can we truly walk in freedom and abundant life. We believe in the power of Jesus Christ, and His love and grace empowering us to love and come along side each other. We are on a mission for our youth to have life to be lived, loved and celebrated.
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$5,460 of $55,000
3 days left until drawing
on March 25, 2019.
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