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Raffles in Wyoming > Baggs Buck Mule Deer Project Raffle - Wyoming Commissioner License

Baggs Buck Mule Deer Project Raffle - Wyoming Commissioner License

Net proceeds to benefit the Wyoming Baggs Buck Mule Deer Project.
In winter of 2015, Wyoming Game and Fish (WGFD) biologist Tony Mong, along with researchers at the University of Wyoming, initiated the Baggs Mule Deer Project to investigate the migratory behaviors of buck mule deer in the area. While most previous migration research has focused on does, This cutting-edge project seeks to identify characteristics of buck migratory behaviors as well as their critical migration corridors. Whether these migratory behaviors are different from doe deer is also important to the study. A second objective is to understand how bucks behave when the autumn hunting season begins. Specifically, the study seeks to determine whether the onset of hunting pressure causes bucks to start their autumn migrations early. This information will be useful for managers to determine whether hunting season dates and areas are appropriate and effective for managing bucks at a time when they are most vulnerable (i.e. during migration).

The project team has captured 95 mature bucks since winter 2015-16. Each deer was fitted with a satellite collar which sends GPS-locations to the team daily. These “live” data have allowed the team to monitor buck movements and begin to answer the main questions of the project. The project is set for completion in spring of 2019 when findings and results will be made available. The ultimate goal of the Baggs Mule Deer Study is to inform managers, researchers, and the public about buck mule deer migrations and contribute to decisions that will promote healthy mule deer populations for the future.
Muley Fanatic Foundation

Support the raffle and projects because you care about mule deer and conservation.

The Muley Fanatic Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit conservation organization. Mission statement: To ensure the conservation of mule deer and their habitat and to provide such supporting services to further the sport hunting and sound wildlife management.

Since established in 2012, the Muley Fanatic Foundation has allocated over $2 million to the ground to support it's mission.
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$25,935 of $25,000
Drawing was held on May 15, 2018.
2018 Wyoming Commissioner's License
$17,000 value

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