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Raffles in Minnesota > Tesla 2 Day Weekend Rental

Tesla 2 Day Weekend Rental

Win the ride of a lifetime and enjoy the magic of the Tesla electric car! That's right, for 2 days you will be able to whisk along in one of the most powerful electric cars available today, the Tesla P85. Surrounded by technology and powered by the Tesla supercharger network, you can travel to a host of different Midwest destinations for the weekend. Drive up to Duluth for the day, or travel out to Wisconsin without the burden of buying fuel. Simply cruise along, listening to your favorite music, enjoying the 470 horsepower available at your right foot.
The Tesla Super Store is home to a host of new and recycled Tesla automotive parts for the Model S, Model X, Model 3, Roadster and all future models. We aim to educate curious individuals, potential buyers and support current Tesla owners by building a strong relationship based on facts and experiences. The electric car is very intimidating for some people so we hope to broaden the understanding and share our expertise about the car and the ownership experience. It's guaranteed to be like nothing you have ever driven.

Learn more about us at www.teslasuper.store

DISCLAIMER: TeslaSuper.Store® is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla Motors, Inc. Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Roadster are trademarks of Tesla Motors, Inc.
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$129 of $200,000
Drawing was held on May 6, 2018.
Will Monson
Telsa Weekend Rental
$825 value

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