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Raffles in Virginia > AR 15 5.56 Upper

AR 15 5.56 Upper

Raise money for summer projects and future retreats
Front Line Outdoors Foundation
Front Line Outdoors was created for Disabled Veterans, Veterans, Active Duty Military, First Responders, and their families along with the ones who lost loved ones to that profession.
FLO’s Goal is to create a program that becomes more personal than your traditional veteran/First Responder non profit outdoor organization. We will start by educating and fostering a healing environment through retreats and outdoor adventures. These baby steps will lead to a laid out program with various steps in the outdoor experience to give these men and women the tools it takes to truly harness the healing power of being in the Outdoors.
To accomplish this goal we are teaming up with Veteran/First Responder supporting companies, donors, and Outfitters to establish a program to make sure our vets/First Responders get the best treatment possible.
Front Line Outdoors will highlight these men and women and bring awareness to the public on how valuable our nations heroes are to our communities along with how extremely important our outdoor resources are.
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$62 of $2,000
Drawing was held on May 31, 2018.
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