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Raffles in Michigan > Hoedown Raffle Fall 2018

Hoedown Raffle Fall 2018

The goal of our raffle is to raise funds to support the educational programs of Human Nature School and bring our community together! You are also invited to join us at our Hoedown Event on October 14th, 2018 from 2p - 7p at Twin Lakes Park, Gilbert Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan where we will announce the winners, although you do not have to be present to win. For more information about our event and our organization, go to humannatureschool.org.
Human Nature School
The Human Nature School is made up of a growing group of like-minded individuals with a single, heartfelt vision. Our knowledge and skill-set come from many incredible teachers and cultural lineages reaching all the way back to humanity’s most ancient common ancestors. Our organization’s structure and philosophy are based upon the 8 Shields Model, which is a unique distillation of the Wheel of Life found in almost every intact culture around the world. With great passion, we live in creative service to the land and community that has given us each so much–offering everything that we have for the betterment of the whole.

We operate as part of the Deep Nature Connection movement, greatly inspired by the work of The Wilderness Awareness School and Jon Young. Our purpose is simple, yet far-reaching. The essence of which involves facilitating regenerative relationships between Human and Nature. We exist as a response to the great ecological need for humanity to come back into harmonious balance with the earth and all of life. Our work offers a simple and inspiring way to get to the root of social and environmental problems facing the planet in this time.

Our school is a non-profit, educational organization overseen by a Board of Directors. We have a primary office in Traverse City, Michigan, and run programs throughout the surrounding area. We strive to provide equal opportunities for all people to experience this work. For this reason we offer scholarships for many of our programs and fund these through donations given from our generous community.
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$4,292 of $8,000
Drawing was held on October 14, 2018.
Barb Tholin
Yurt Weekend at Spruce Hill Farm
$0 value

Cheryl Miller
Handmade Cedar Canoe
$0 value

David Gersenson
Boardman-Ottaway River Ecology Tour
$0 value

Grady Doriot
Human Nature School Tuition
$0 value

Rachel Jones
May Erlewine House Concert
$0 value

This raffle is in no way sponsored, endorsed, conducted, setup, controlled by or administered by, or associated with, Raffle River. Participants voluntarily release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Raffle River from any and all claims, demands or causes of action for property damage, bodily injury, wrongful death, loss of services or other claims arising from or relating to participation in the raffle and/or acceptance, possession and use of any prize.