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Raffles in New Hampshire > '18 Back 2Essentials School Raffle Fundraiser Drive

'18 Back 2Essentials School Raffle Fundraiser Drive

People Helping People 2Pay it 4ward-NH has been partnered alongside Back 2Essentials New-England and 2Be You'Nique Designs; for their annual/seasonal Back 2School Fundraiser + Clothing/School Supply Drive. This year Back 2Essentials currently has 14 Children, from 7 Families- on their wait-list, in the hopes of being able to receive necessary assistance to purchase Essential school clothes/shoes, as well as material aid including a backpack, lunchbox + water bottle *(if needed) and of course required school supplies based on grade level/school lists provided. Along with raffle tickets being sold for the Gift Set + 3 Mystery Prize GiveAways- Our Annual Back 2School FundDrive; is Accepting Monetary Donations, Gift Card donations *(for retailers such as; Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, WalMart...) in various amounts; Dollar Tree- $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, $30.00 Etc. WalMart- $25.00, $45.00, $65.00 ***{Family sizes differ, as does each individual need- Gift Card and Specific value provided to ea. family is based on family size & overall need .}** Family Dollar- $15.00, $20.00, $25.00, etc.
We will Also be posting Lists of items/supplies needed, as well as a list of Family info; family size/amt. of people in household, Ages, Genders, Grades, and more about each Child. If you'd like to choose items from wish/need list to purchase and drop off at one of our two collecting and packing "headquarters" (as we call it) we are using these locations to sort and pack items/supplies and material/clothing donations into specially packed Boxes/baskets along with backpack, and a couple little fun extras to help put a smile on each of these very deserving children's faces when they receive their items. Gift Cards to Specified Online-Retailers are Needed for those families unable to obtain transportation to use their gift cert/card, voucher. REMEMBER: Whether you donate 1 or 21 items, $10-$100, Sponsor 1 child or 1 Family- Your Donation will Make a Big Difference in their life!
PHP 2Payit4ward NH Back 2School Basics
A local community based organization dedicated to helping individuals, families, & anyone in need. By bringing people together from all over/both-those in need along w/those who are in the position to offer/provide help, donate material/clothing, food, monetary, resources, & many other forms of assistance/support. We began as small F.B group & have had the privilege to expand thanks to hard work & dedication from a few incredible individuals-many of whom have faced their share of hardships,as well as those improving their own situations + rebuilding their lives. Using personal experience/knowledge in providing genuine care & support for those individuals/families in need/experiencing hardship. Partnering with Both, Back 2Essentials and Free 2Be You'Nique HandMade & Heartfelt Designs- for 2018's Back 2School FundDrive & GiveAway. Incredible Gift Set & a variety of beautiful hand made items/gift prizes & a couple Myster prizes- Generously donated by Free 2Be You'Nique HandMade & Heartfelt Designs of Manchester, NH. Back 2Essential is an organization that provides assisyance with material items, monetary donations via gift cards, Seasonal Drives, and many other incredible programs that have been touching the lives of those families and children in need since 2013- and recently expanding through New England to be able to start new programs, update existing help services, and reach out to those who need it most, yet sometimes get overlooked by the system and other unfortunate errors caused by many factors, one being a very broken/backwards system where appropriate help/assistance isn't always attainable for those who Need it most- yet readily/easily available by many who truly do not. 2018 Back 2chool FundDrive, Raffle + Prize GiveAway;Benefiting the 14 Children, from 7 Families currently on our '18 School year wait-list, in the hopes of being able to receive clothing & supplies Needed to start school & help ensure attendance + overall academic performance.
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