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Raffles in New Mexico > The John Micheal Stokes Recovery

The John Micheal Stokes Recovery

This is to help John Micheal Stokes with medical bills, and equipment he will need after his roll over accident that left him paralyzed.
The Great Escape Vacations LLC
John Micheal was traveling to work on a fairly rural road in New Mexico, In foggy conditions, when a herd of elk ran out in front of him. He swerved and at that moment he lost control of the vehicle. His van went across a bar ditch and flipped several times. He was wearing his seat belt and that is what caused his shoulder injury. But the seat belt did not hold and he was ejected from the van. During the roll over the van landed on him.

This has caused him numerous injuries. He has two broken legs, and shoulder and worst of all a broken back. He has had numerous surgeries that include his spine being fused and pins put into his leg.

At this moment he has not regained the feeling in the lower part of his body. This is due to the spinal cord injury.

John is only 19 years old, and he has a long road to recovery for him. The doctors do not yet know if he will ever regain feeling or movement in the lower half of his body. But either way, he will be faced with several years of therapy to recover as best as he can.
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