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Raffles in D.C. > AV Scholarship Fund Raffle Program: Support for Education in Okunano

AV Scholarship Fund Raffle Program: Support for Education in Okunano

AV Scholarship Fund Program
Education transforms victims of exploitation into survivors and change-makers. The Okunano teenagers are growing up, and we want to equip them with everything they need to pursue their dreams and create change in their environment and the world at large. The AV Scholarship Funding program begin with primary education (elementary school) and then progress to secondary (middle school). If the student passes the necessary exams, he or she can then attend University, which is the Nigerian equivalent of high school in the United States. From there, they will move into our AV Academy program and choose to attend more college or pursue a trade through a vocational training school.

We need your help to raise the funding needed to provide for the children as they continue in their education and strive to become leaders in their communities.
AV Scholarship Fund commits at least N45,375.00per month, or N544,500.00 per year which is applied to private school fees, books, uniforms and transportation to and from school.

Some of the funds are drawn from donations, grants and promotional activities like raffles and sweepstakes programs that synergizes with the social responsibilities of some of our corporate sponsors.

Each student will maintain a child sponsor to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and medical expenses. If you would like to contribute to the Education Fund but cannot make a yearly commitment, we would still appreciate your support if you will purchase some of the promotional raffles designed to support the education of our Okunano leaders of tomorrow!

You may also set up a monthly donation of any amount to support the education of the children in our programs.

You can contact AV Scholarship Fund Centre at contact.mslcentre@gmail.com or call us at (234) 818-431-5503 for more information.
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