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Raffles in Missouri > Prodigy's Christmas Raffle

Prodigy's Christmas Raffle

100% of the proceeds of this raffle will directly benefit Prodigy Students! All the raffle items have been generously donated by a committee of Prodigy parents.

Prodigy Leadership Academy is in a season of growth! We stand in deep gratitude for all the blessings we are receiving. We have grown to 104 students this year and we're planning the building project for a new campus at the 38-acre Shadowrest property that was so generously donated to us, earlier this year. This raffle will help us get closer to our fundraising goal for this year! We appreciate any amount you give toward this raffle! We wish everyone could win - we are certainly winners because of people like you! Good luck!
Prodigy Leadership Academy
PLA is a Christian School where we believe children are loved and uniquely designed by God for great purposes. We meet our students where they are, understand them, and give them the highest level of support in their life journey.

We have grown to over 100 students from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. Thanks to the support of donors, children who could not attend due to financial restraints have experienced the Prodigy Way and we have 38 acres of land with plans to build. Being submitted to God has been a truly humbling and exciting experience!
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$9,834 of $10,000
Drawing was held on December 20, 2018.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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