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Raffles in Oregon > Bring Home The Bronze

Bring Home The Bronze

Only 125 tickets available and the drawing will be held once all the tickets have been sold. 100% of ticket sales proceeds go directly to the care of the animals at Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center.

Adorn your living space or office with this gorgeous limited edition bronze statue by world renowned artist Lorenzo Ghiglieri. This beautiful white tail buck is sculpted with incredible detail, bringing a touch of wildlife right into your home.

Piece name: High Tail
Dimensions: 26"H x 18"W x 11D
Gallery Value: $7,500.00
Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center
Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center exists to provide care to injured or orphaned Oregon wildlife with the goal to release back to their natural habitat. Through our education programs we encourage harmonious coexistence with nature.
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Ken Hick & Cheri Cooley Hick
$0 of $5,625
165 days left until drawing
on December 31, 2019.
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You may enter this raffle without a purchase or donation. A purchase or donation will not increase your odds of winning. To obtain a free entry, send in a postcard or letter with your contact information to: Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, Bring Home The Bronze - "AME" , 1492 Bunker Hill Rd S, Salem, Oregon 97306. Requests for mail-in entries must be received prior to the drawing on December 31, 2019. Stated ticket limits apply equally to purchased tickets and mail-in entries.
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