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Raffles in Texas > DORBA - any MTB valued at $2400 - courtesy of Richardson Bike Mart

DORBA - any MTB valued at $2400 - courtesy of Richardson Bike Mart

The goal of this raffle is to raise funds to maintain trails in the North Texas area and promote mountain biking.
Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association
The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association seeks to be at the forefront of promoting the sport of mountain biking, land access, and advocacy for the North Texas area, and serve as a model of leadership for other cycling organizations.
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Thanks to Our Sponsors
$10,852 of $10,000
8 days left until drawing
on April 2, 2019.
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You may enter this raffle without a purchase or donation. A purchase or donation will not increase your odds of winning. To obtain a free entry, send in a postcard or letter with your contact information to: Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association, DORBA - any MTB valued at $2400 - courtesy of Richardson Bike Mart - "AME" , 6333 E Mockingbird Ln, Ste 147 PMB 619, Dallas, Texas 75214. Requests for mail-in entries must be received prior to the drawing on April 2, 2019. Stated ticket limits apply equally to purchased tickets and mail-in entries.
This raffle is in no way sponsored, endorsed, conducted, setup, controlled by or administered by, or associated with, Raffle River. Participants voluntarily release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Raffle River from any and all claims, demands or causes of action for property damage, bodily injury, wrongful death, loss of services or other claims arising from or relating to participation in the raffle and/or acceptance, possession and use of any prize.