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Raffles in Virginia > Cookie Cutter Collectors Club Winter Fundraiser 2019

Cookie Cutter Collectors Club Winter Fundraiser 2019

The 2020 CCCC Convention celebrates Mariners through our convention theme "Mermaids and Mariners". The President Kennedy half dollar coin bracelet represents one of the United States most well known Mariners. President Kennedy served as a Naval Officer in World War II. As a patrol boat Commander off the Solomon Islands his boat was attacked by the Japanese destroyer Amigari. The impact threw him into the cockpit of the boat, rupturing a disc in his back. Despite his injury, Kennedy swam in open water for hours gathering the other 10 survivors together before leading the group on a more than three mile swim to a nearby island where they were later rescued. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for rescuing his crew and a Purple Heart for his injuries.

The prize for the raffle is a set that includes 1 bracelet, 1 keychain, and 1 ring. The Kennedy Bracelet, Kennedy Keychain, and the Walking Liberty custom ring was generously donated by Vacoinrings. The bracelet measures 8" long and 1" wide with domed 1970's Kennedy half dollar coins and an adjustable clip. The Walking Liberty ring will be custom sized to the winner. Please scan through the pictures to see the beautiful art work on all 3 pieces. You may see more designs or request an original piece on their Etsy site at https://www.etsy.com/shop/vacoinrings
Cookie Cutter Collectors Club
The Cookie Cutter Collectors (CCCC) club is dedicated to the history and collecting of cookie cutters. Every 2 years all the regional clubs come together for 3 days for a convention. We discuss cookie topics, trade cutters, and see friends. The fundraiser will aide in keeping the costs low for club members.
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$372 of $1,000
Drawing was held on April 15, 2019.
Lin Coad
Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Bracelet
$100 value

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