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Raffles in Ohio > Invisible Line

Invisible Line

The goal of this raffle is to help raise the funds needed to create a miniseries called Invisible line. The funds will be used to employ a team of actor, actresses, director, editor, music, film crew, producer and more, to film each episode.
Nahsek Productions
We are a team of artists and filmmakers, teaming up to create a miniseries that depicts real life situations. The story is centered around one family who encounters many individuals from all walks of life, who are also dealing with family dilemmas. Within the show, we want to capture the hard times that individuals go through while also showing the good that can come out of every bad situation; not leading individuals to false hope, but delivering genuine awareness of the joy that can be achieved through faithfulness and forgiveness. We have created this raffle to gain financial support in this end ever of developing the miniseries Invisible Line, which we believe will have a positive impact on its television audience. Any financial amount will help our team complete our work. We cannot complete our mission without your support.
Thank you in advance!
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Drawing was held on April 25, 2019.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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