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Raffles in Virginia > BRYCE Project Raffle

BRYCE Project Raffle


BRYCE Project
The BRYCE Project is an enrichment program designed to engage youth in activities that develop their social emotional skills. The BRYCE Project gives youth the opportunity to get to know and support each other. Youth learn the values of community and giving back by doing random acts of kindness as individuals and in groups. We encourage friendship, diversity, individuality, and family. In addition, this program will help plant the seed in the importance of education.

The BRYCE Project is an organization purposed to give back to the community. We are dedicated to youth in bridging cultural gaps, fostering healthy peer relationships, strategic career and post high school development, and improving the community at large. Your support enables us to reach, mentor, and guide young girls as they approach their tweens and assist in their development as bright, resilient youth committed to enrichment.

Our young ladies explore self-esteem, hygiene, etiquette, and a host of other topics. Community service projects are embedded in the program, thus helping girls understand the importance of giving back. Enrichment opportunities such as trips and other formal events take place monthly. Weekly one to two hour sessions focus on a specific topics such as:
Critical thinking
Assertiveness and refusal skills
Healthy decision making
Family Matters
Paths to Success
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Drawing was held on January 25, 2020.
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